Thursday, November 1, 2007

Put those sticks to good use

In December 2004, Linda Swinford's daughter learned that a former classmate of hers was stationed in Iraq. He described the sub-zero wind chills in the desert in the winter and how cold the troops were, especially when riding in open humvees at 60 mph. Linda knitted him a helmetliner, known as a "wooly pulley" by our Armed Forces, and asked him for suggestions. She revised the pattern accordingly.
These wool caps are worn under the helmet, but do not restrict vision. They help to trap the body-heat lost through the head -- a serious winter problem for U.S. troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and South Korea, as well as many parts of the United States.
As a result of volunteers throughout the U.S. knitting and crocheting these 100% soft wool helmetliners, Operation Helmetliner has shipped 14,000 helmet-liners and a total of 45,000 pieces of cold and hot weather gear since it began three years ago. 100% of all donations go for the benefit of our troops including paying the postage to ship the "Genuine, Home-Issued Gear."
Lion Wool, a worsted 100% wool yarn, works beautifully for the helmetliners. Lion Wool colors #820-153 Ebony, #820-125 Cocoa, and #820-149 Pearl Gray are allowed by the Armed Forces.