Monday, July 28, 2008

This is 100% true

Just try calling a derm in the metro Boston area for a real problem and see how long they tell you the wait is for non-cosmetic procedures. I've been told to call back in SIX months!
Hence, I've chosen my dermatologists based strictly on how fast they can usually see me. This has not always meant I've gone to the best dermatologist.

The New York Times says:

Like airlines that offer first-class and coach sections, dermatology is fast becoming a two-tier business in which higher-paying customers often receive greater pampering.

In some dermatologists’ offices, freer-spending cosmetic patients are given appointments more quickly than medical patients for whom health insurance pays fixed reimbursement fees.

In other offices, cosmetic patients spend more time with a doctor. And in still others, doctors employ a special receptionist, called a cosmetic concierge, for their beauty patients.