Saturday, August 9, 2008

Art sale worth your time

As many of you know, I cover lots of arts stories for the Malden-based newspaper which I edit.
I recently had the pleasure of covering a show at the artSPACE@16 gallery in Malden -- or what USED to be the gallery, anyway. The founder and curator, Sand T, has put the gallery's future on hiatus to pursue her own art career, and so far it's off to a bangin' start with a solo show at a prestigious venue in her native Malaysia.

To help her raise funds for the supplies she needs to make her labor-intensive works, she's opening up the gallery to sell some of her past works.
I've just learned she extended the availability, and the selection (and prices) of works, through Aug. 31.
Sand is lovely and her gallery is well worth a visit.

Here's the invitiation to her open studio.

Happy browsing!