Thursday, October 9, 2008

'Turk Turkee,' menacing Harvard

She may have a small brain, but if she's choosing to harass Harvard students, perhaps she's smarter than they think? I wonder if it's related to the Kendall Square turkey...

When she's sleepy, she has taken a fondness to napping in the dean's garden. Sometimes, she'll spend hours staring at herself in the windows of the many surrounding buildings, no matter how many students tread past.
But after about a year waddling around the manicured campus, Harvard Business School's so-called Turk Turkee has become less of a mascot than a feathered menace.

The hen has "become very aggressive," said Gaia Bravicich, a master of business administration candidate from Italy who says the turkey often roosts in front of her dorm. "I don't want anything bad to happen to [her], but it's not safe. [She] scares me and a lot of other people. I don't feel comfortable walking outside a lot of the time now."

Jim Cardoza, a wildlife biologist with the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, said he wasn't surprised to hear about Turk Turkee nesting on campus - or about the complaints.
"It's like coyotes, raccoons, and skunks. When they become accustomed to people, and there are abundant food supplies, and they're not harassed, they lose their fear of people," Cardoza said. "I wouldn't call them dangerous, but I can understand how grown adults might be afraid of them."