Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Green Line now stops at the West End

More than 50 years after bulldozers flattened the brick tenements of the West End, the neighborhood finally has its very own MBTA stop.

New signs are being hung today at the Green Line trolley stop formally known as Science Park.
The new name: Science Park/West End.

That West End designation won't show up on any T maps.
It is a symbolic local change that will only be visible in the 30 plus signs on the trolley platform and at the bottom of the green stairs that lead some 50 steps up to the station at the foot of the Charles River Dam.

For the MBTA, the bestowing of a secondary local name to stations is becoming increasingly common as a part of other, larger renovations.

The designation Boston Public Library was added to the local signs on the Green Line at Copley Station. And on the Red Line, the label Peabody Square was added to signs at Ashmont Station.

This station has much worse problems than not having the correct name.

Also, I'll point out that it's been a couple days and I've not seen these signs anywhere in Science Park as I pass through on my way to and from work.