Friday, September 25, 2009

New college will offer history-only curriculum

Interesting story in the Boston Globe:

Local students pursuing history and law degrees will have a new option for earning a bachelor’s degree when the nation’s first college dedicated exclusively to studying history opens its doors next summer in Salem, N.H.

But don’t expect to apply as a high school senior.

The American College of History and Legal Studies will only offer junior and senior years in an effort to cater to community college graduates, transfers from four-year schools, and adults who left school before earning a bachelor’s degree, said Lawrence Velvel, the college’s founding dean.

“In a sense, the whole school is the history major you would get in a traditional college,’’ said Velvel, who is also dean of Massachusetts School of Law in Andover. “This is sadly a very ahistorical country, and we think that perhaps some mistakes could be avoided if Americans knew some history.’’

Administrators are prepared to start with a small student body predominantly from within 60 miles of Salem, although Velvel does not know how much interest the college will generate since its focus and grade offerings are unique.