Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Forging literary careers via motherhood

This is a good story, though at times it reads like a love letter to Grub Street:

For Darci Klein, 41, a former management consultant, motherhood was a direct source of writing inspiration.
She took her first writing workshop in California while working full time, when her elder child was a toddler.
Then she had three miscarriages before getting pregnant with her younger child.
The family moved to the Boston area, and with unpacked boxes around her, Klein had to lie on her back for 28 weeks to prevent another miscarriage.
"It was a transformative experience," Klein said. After her baby was born, she got cabin fever at home and signed up for a writing workshop at Grub Street, where a class assignment got her writing about her struggles to carry a baby to term.
The book, "To Full Term," was published last year. Now, buoyed by her success, Klein is writing fiction.