Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another go for Bergeron

After his on-ice workout, Patrice Bergeron entered the Ristuccia Arena dressing room to face his usual line of questioning.

"Don't have anything new for you guys," Bergeron said with a laugh.

The one piece of news was that Bergeron visited Dr. Robert Cantu, the neurologist who's been consulting with him since the injury, and that everything is fine.

But other than that, nothing has changed for Bergeron, who's been 100 percent for a long time and is looking forward to the start of camp. Bergeron said it's up to Claude Julien how many preseason games he'll be featured in prior to the regular-season opener.

Bergeron weights 191 pounds, right around his usual playing weight. Along with the rest of his teammates, Bergeron will take his physical on Friday.