Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stealing bleachers? That's just sad

What next,  a resurgence in rag picking?

To some, they are a fine place to spend a summer afternoon, rooting for a favorite team and chatting with neighbors. To others, bleachers are large chunks of valuable metal sitting in the grass, waiting to be stolen and sold as scrap.

The recent thefts of bleachers in two Massachusetts towns suggested that the state has joined a national trend.

Spencer police arrested two men last week and said they planned to summons a third to court after aluminum bleachers were reported stolen from the fairgrounds on Sept. 12. In a separate incident, two men were arrested Aug. 26 in Abington after they allegedly stole bleachers from an elementary school and began cutting them up in one of the men's backyards.

Bleacher thefts have also been reported in places such as Buena Vista, N.J., Rockford, Mich., and Chesapeake City, Md.