Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hummus goes upscale at Fresh Pond

There are many places to service your car on New Street, the little road that follows the railroad tracks behind Fresh Pond Mall in Cambridge. You can get a new transmission, buy an air filter, watch the dents get knocked out of your bumper.

Now you can also service your stomach: A squat brick building with exposed steel beams has been transformed into Basha Cafe, a Middle Eastern restaurant that opened a few months ago in this restaurant wasteland.

The food is a mixture of Lebanese and Armenian, with many familiar dishes, like falafel and kebabs, as well as more unusual Armenian sausages and a spicy chicken soup.

At night, the restaurant turns into a nightclub, with bellydancing, salsa, Greek bands, and karaoke on different days.
The prices are upscale, too, and that may be hard to sustain, though portions are colossal.