Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Medford driver rescues dog after hitting it; owner sought

The MSPCA is seeking the owner of a stray Husky who was hit by a car in Medford around 8 a.m. on Saturday, March 21.

Unlike several past cases of “hit and run,” the driver who accidentally hit the Husky immediately sought police and medical assistance for the injured dog.

After finding that there were no available local options to treat the injured husky he quickly drove her to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, where the dog — nicknamed Sasha by the hospital staff — received immediate emergency medical attention.

“Unfortunately it is all too common for drivers to accidentally hit a dog and flee the scene to the detriment of the animal,” said Dr. Kiko Bracker of Angell Animal Medical Center’s Emergency/Critical Care service.
“The quick thinking that his driver possessed, as well as the empathy he showed, meant that Sasha was receiving life saving medical attention shortly after this accident.”

In addition to the driver’s quick thinking, the driver also agreed to pay $1,000 to cover a portion of the cost of emergency medical treatment as well as X-rays.