Friday, May 8, 2009

Next notice for Manny: An eviction?

LA TIMES: The slugger is a selfish player who can no longer be trusted.

Manny Ramirez dropped a bomb on Mannywood on Thursday, leveling the Dodgers' spirit, stripping the Dodgers' psyche, and blowing up the Dodgers' safe. He has been suspended for 50 games after testing positive for a banned substance.

The Dodgers can't build their team on fakery. They can't march to a championship behind a charlatan. They can't fall for his act again.

He must come clean to teammates he turned into fools.

He must come clean to the front office he robbed, owner Frank McCourt and General Manager Ned Colletti, offering sincere apologies followed by sincere explanations.

Finally, he must take this truth to the streets, becoming the Dodgers' anti-steroid spokesman for kids who listen.